The registration to iTWIST’20 is free but mandatory. It will cover access to the workshop, lunches and social events. Registration will open on Mar. 9, 2020.

Topics of interest

iTWIST’20 welcomes 2-page paper submissions on any aspects of the following themes, all related to the theory, application and generalization of the “sparsity paradigm”:

  • Sparsity-driven data sensing and processing
  • Beyond linear and convex inverse problem
  • Blind inverse problems and dictionary learning
  • Information theory, geometry and randomness
  • Sparsity? What’s next?
  • Union of low dimensional subspaces
  • Matrix/manifold/graph sensing/processing
  • Sparsity and computational neuroscience
  • Complexity/accuracy tradeoffs in numerical methods Sparse machine learning and inference

Guidelines for authors

The workshop only accepts:

  • Paper format: 2 pages, double column format, a4 format, processed with LaTeX/TeX/*Tex (not MS Word!).
  • The list of references can be inserted on a 3rd page (without any text/figures), but this is not mandatory.
  • No page numbering! (use for instance the command “\renewcommand{\thepage}{}” in order to remove it from the 1st page too)
  • The iTWIST’20 Scientific Committee will reject any papers that do not contain a title and an abstract;
  • a list of authors with correct affiliations;
  • a bibliography.
  • If this can help you, here is a simple latex example (latex source, pdf output) that satisfies all these criteria. Feel free to initialize the writing of your paper from this one.
  • This paper must be compiled and submitted in pdf via EasyChair at this address before Feb. 17, 2020 Feb. 28, 2020 (12:00, UTC): click here